Getting Started

The first step is to tell us whether you are a brand, a manufacturer, a materials supplier or a product developer. Once you’ve chosen this, you fill out a short questionnaire telling us more about yourself. This is the profile that people will see so it’s important to share as much (accurate!) information as possible.

Once that’s done, you can search for potential partners using our filters to target specific needs that you have, such as location or quantities. If you feel you have found a relevant partner, you can connect to them by becoming a Stoa member.

We believe that Stoa should be a buyer’s platform, meaning that members cannot search for customers on the platform. We don’t want our members to be flooded with messages from partners who aren’t relevant to them. Members can only search for suppliers from whom they are interested in buying goods or services.

Stoa does not get involved in the relationship between brands and suppliers. All connections and interactions are the responsibility of the relevant parties. If you feel that a member is being abusive or has mis-represented their business, please report them to our team directly. We can only assess interactions that have taken part on the platform, so we encourage you to keep your discussions within our chat framework.

Pricing and Billing